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We are excited to announce Nuru, a tool that is designed to empower citizen community monitoring to crowdsource observations about how they are coping in the exceptionally difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nuru is a tool in the citizen’s hands, it will provide governments and other stakeholders with the information they need to develop and offer solutions to the unique challenges faced by their citizens.

How does it work?

What are the communities’ socio-economic needs at this time? We know that the COVID-19 crisis has affected citizens’ movements, work and business environment. We also know that curfews that have been implemented in some areas are limiting the time that people can access different services and this has led to different sets of challenges.

Now, imagine if you could share in real-time the challenges you and your community were facing in your area? Capturing live images, sharing your location and tagging each piece of information in a way that it could easily be visualised on a map?

This crowdsourcing approach provides a way to bridge the information gap between citizens and governments, civil society organisations and other stakeholders. By providing real-time information, timely interventions can be provided to aid the affected communities, leading to better outcomes for the countries and communities affected by this, and other future crises.

Real-Time Reporting in your own words

Just update note and share with the world what is happening in your area - is help needed? Are people reacting in unique and interesting ways? What are people doing to survive? What should the world know about the status of water, electricity and other basic services in your area?

Share Photos

A Picture speaks a thousand words. Share photos with your report so that the world sees more than just reads.

Realtime Geo-tagging

Share your location so that help gets to your community even faster.

Speak up!

If you don’t want to type - or you can’t, use your voice.

Core features

Nuru Platform

The Nuru App is a tool for citizen monitors to share observations and reports from their communities to inspire other communities, to call for help, to alert the government and other stakeholders on things that need to be addressed in the community. Reports could share information on these kind issues and more:

  • The availability of water & sanitation
  • The high cost of food and necessities
  • Poverty and the in-availability of a basic income
  • Random acts of kindness in communities
  • Interesting local solutions that exist in communities
  • Lack of adequate contextually actionable information
  • And so much more

Our focus

Vulnerable communities lead to vulnerable countries in times of nationwide crises, bringing truth to the saying “you are only as strong as your weakest link.” Nuru helps communities exercise their voice so that no one is left behind in finding solutions.

How we Gather Information

The platform uses a crowdsourcing approach, providing real-time information that can be analyzed and utilized to influence policy. The information from a wide range of communities will highlight what their specific needs and challenges are, especially with regard to critical and basic needs such as:

  • Cost of water & availability of water points
  • Cost of staples / Basic food and necessities e.g. soap
  • Hoarding & Price Hikes in shops
  • Issues around movement and work
  • Issues around discrimination and strife
  • Perceptions around the disease and availability of correct information

Be a light

Download the app on your android phone and help us test this app to make it a strong tool for community reporting. Please share your feedback to or

Download Nuru

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